Sand, Soil and Aggregate Placement

Sand, Soil and Aggregate Placement


What materials can you pump?

Our system performs best with Granular Sand, 5/16″ Crushed Rock, Decomposed Granite, A.S.T.M. Sand, and our largest aggregate that we move is 3/8″ Pea Rock. We also pump lightweight amended top soil mixes.

What are your production rates?

Our double pump places 20-25 tons per hour (15-20 cubic yards) in the 250 foot range.

We have done many projects in the 500 foot range as well as over 80 foot vertical. Production rates will vary depending on material, distance, and elevation.

How many workers will the customer need to supply to operate hose?

One person is needed to operate the discharge end of the hose. We recommend 3-4 people to assist with moving hoses and moving placed material based on job specific criteria. Production rates for the day will increase with efficient customer set up and breakdown of system.

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