Sand, Soil and Aggregate Placement

Sand, Soil and Aggregate Placement

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The Air Pump USA system saves time and reduces the need for manual labor freeing up the work force to focus on other projects. As a result, we provide a much safer and cost-saving alternative (as opposed to manual labor and conventional crane and bucket, wheelbarrow or conveyor systems).

Using Air Pump USA to move large amounts of aggregates in a short of amount of time minimizes labor and the associated cost of potential injuries and property damage.

Air Pump USA has a reputation for being a company committed to customer service and providing quick response and mobilization. This includes project site visits, planning and designing solutions for customers, including the design of material mixes for best application.

Company History

Founded in 1996 by Richard Dunlop, Air Pump USA (originally known as Air Pumped Sand & Gravel) was created to offer a cost-effective solution to the construction industry that had difficulty moving aggregates into hard-to-reach areas.

In 2015 a new ownership team, led by Michael Nolen, purchased the company from Dunlop. The new management team is currently developing a 5th generation Air Pump design and will be expanding operations into additional geographic regions in the near future.

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2016, Air Pump USA has constantly focused on improving technology to increase safety and efficiency, while reducing your construction manpower needs.

The company’s innovative and progressive approach has led to the development of five U.S. patents with several more Patents Pending.

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