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Sand, Topsoil or Aggregate

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Air Pump Truck Rental

and Operator

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Sand, Topsoil or Aggregate

are available upon request


Reduced Installation Times


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Controlled Flow & Placement


Clean Application


Access Hard-To-Reach Spaces


Safer Than Traditional Methods

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Frequently Asked Questions

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers.

Here, you will find answers to some of the most common questions we receive about our blower truck services. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please don't hesitate to contact us directly – we are always happy to help!

What materials can you pump?

We provide a wide array of sands, soils and aggregate blends. Please visit the materials page for a detailed breakdown of available materials.

How many workers will the customer need to supply to operate hose?

One person is needed to operate the discharge end of the hose. We recommend 3-4 people to assist with moving hoses and moving placed material based on job specific criteria. Production rates for the day will increase with efficient customer set up and breakdown of system.

Can I request specific depth or thickness for the material placement?

Yes, blower material installation allows for precise control over the depth and thickness of the material placement, accommodating your project's needs.

Do you offer any guarantees on the quality and effectiveness of the material placement?

Yes, our services come with a commitment to quality, ensuring accurate and precise material placement for your project's success.

Do you provide any assistance or guidance on material selection for my project?

Yes, we offer expert advice on material selection, helping you choose the right type and quantity for optimal project results.

Is air blown material installation more cost-effective than traditional methods?

Blower material installation can be cost-effective due to reduced labor and faster project completion, translating to potential savings.

How accurate is the material placement with a Air Pump truck?

Air Pump trucks offer highly accurate material placement, ensuring even distribution and consistent coverage.

Is air blown material installation suitable for both residential and commercial projects?

Yes, air blown material installation is well-suited for both residential and commercial projects, providing efficient and precise material placement.

What types of materials can be installed with your Air Pump trucks?

Our Air Pump trucks can install a wide range of materials including soils, sands, gravels and aggregates. See our material listings page for more.

What are your production rates?

Our double pump places 20-25 tons per hour (15-20 cubic yards) in the 250 foot range. We have done many projects in the 500 foot range as well as over 80 foot vertical. Production rates will vary depending on material, distance, and elevation.

How long does a typical air blown material installation take?

The duration of a air blown material installation varies based on the project size and material type, but it's generally faster than traditional methods.

Is the Air Pump truck noisy and disruptive to the site?

Air Pump trucks are designed to operate with minimal noise and disruption, ensuring a smooth workflow on your project site.

Can I get a quote for my project's material installation using an Air Pump Truck?

Absolutely, we provide customized quotes based on your project's requirements, ensuring transparent pricing tailored to your needs.

What preparation is needed before an Air Pump installation job?

Clearing the work area, ensuring proper access, and specifying material requirements are typical preparations before an Air Pump installation job.

How do I know if air blown material installation is right for my project?

Air blown material installation is ideal for projects requiring efficient, precise, and uniform material placement over large areas, offering convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Can Air Pump installation be used on uneven or difficult terrain?

Yes, Air Pump installation can be used on challenging terrains, providing access to areas that might be difficult to reach with traditional methods.

How does blower material installation differ from traditional methods?

Unlike traditional manual methods, blower material installation offers precise, even distribution of materials over large areas, reducing labor, time, and waste.

Are there specific project sizes that are better suited for blower installation?

Blower installation is versatile and can be adapted to projects of various sizes, from residential yards to large commercial landscapes.


“Visited your crew on safety tour today, topic/focus was paperwork, called a Start Card here. It was very complete and detailed, not pencil whipped. The crew asked us visitors to read, understand, and sign it since we were in their zone. They offered us water. They signaled me to be sure I saw the ventrac pulling up behind me before I left. Thank you. These guys are great to have on the job.”

Jeff Orkisz, Kiewit Superintendent


“Hey I thought last week went great. We moved a lot of material in 3 days. I thought it went great. We were able to keep pumping gravel while I was finishing drainage and doing other work so it all worked out. One day of running buggies made it all come together. I really wanted to finish by the weekend so I could float everything out and get compacted. I’m just on a tight schedule with the architect. We will definitely use your service again. Good to know the process.”

Justin DePippo, Director of Golf Course and Grounds Bel-Air Country Club


“Air Pump USA has proven themselves to be a valued trade partner of American Landscape. Christian and crew help us to safely and efficiently place thousands of cubic yards of sand, gravel, and custom soil blends on a variety of complex and logistically challenging projects every year. Their unique equipment, experienced operators, and extensive knowledge of jobsite logistics ensure our projects go smoothly, and are invaluable to our success. Their flexibility, responsiveness, and reliability make them a pleasure to work with.“

Stefanie Ferrel (Senior Project Manager) & Gary Ripling (Senior Construction Superintendent) American Landscape

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